October 2023: How to Sing About the Blessed Sacrament: How should our hymns be written if they are to encourage Eucharistic faith?

June 2013: Hymn Tune Propers: Entrance antiphons adapted for singing with common hymn tunes.

December 2012: The Blessing of Hymnody: Poetry and music have the power to convince on a level beyond the everyday use of words.

Hymns and Translations

Some of my hymns, translations, and other works can be seen on the net:

(For permission to print or republish any of the works listed here, including on the internet, please contact me: my address is “hymnwriter” at gmail.]

  1. A Patre unigenite” (The one-begotten, Father’s Son) (Baptism of the Lord)
  2. A solis ortus cardine” (From east where sunrise has its birth), an office hymn for the Christmas season
  3. Ad cenam agni providi” (The Lamb’s high supper)
  4. Adorna Sion thalamum” (Let Zion’s bridal-room be clothed) (the Presentation)
  5. Adoro te devote” (With devotion I adore)
  6. Aeterne rerum Conditor” (Eternal maker of all things), an office hymn by St. Ambrose
  7. Aeterne rerum Conditor” (Eternal maker of all things), a 15th century hymn for the Guardian Angels
  8. Agnes, beatae virginis (The blessed virgin Agnes)
  9. Anglorum iam Apostolus” (Apostle to the English lands), St. Peter Damian’s hymn on Pope St. Gregory the Great
  10. Antra deserti teneris” (You sought the solitude) (for St. John the Baptist)
  11. Apostolorum passio” (Blessed day by suffering sanctified), for Sts. Peter and Paul
  12. Ascend your throne, O Righteous One
  13. At the Lord’s appearing” (Epiphany)
  14. At the dawning of creation” (Hymn for the Innocents). A video from the cathedral in Syracuse is on the recordings page.
  15. Auctor perennis gloriae” (O Source of glory without end), a hymn to the Holy Spirit
  16. Aurea luce” (O light of dawn) (Sts. Peter and Paul)
  17. Aurora lucis rutilat” (The light of dawn is reddening), an office hymn for the Easter season
  18. Aurora velut fulgida” (Just like the morning’s dawning bright), an office hymn for the Assumption
  19. Beata Dei Genitrix” (O Theotokos, Mary blest), a Marian hymn by St. Peter Damian
  20. Captator olim piscium” (The fisherman that you had been), a hymn by St. Peter Damian for St. Andrew
  21. Celsae salutis gaudia” (The joy of Heaven’s saving ways), an office hymn for Palm Sunday
  22. Christe pastorum” (Christ, great high prince) (Common of Pastors)
  23. Custodes hominum” (Let us in chorus sing the angel guardians)
  24. Deus Creator omnium” (O God, creator of all things), a vesper hymn by St. Ambrose
  25. Dulci depromat carmine” (Let all the people join to raise) (hymn from the Office of Readings, for one virgin)
  26. Excelsam Pauli gloriam” (Let all the church acclaim St. Paul)
  27. Fulfill the Sabbath day in me“, with music by Colin Brumby
  28. Fair souls arrive at home at last
  29. Free from all stain of evil“, for Mary, Mother of the Church
  30. Gaude, mater Anna” (Rejoice, mother Anne)
  31. Gaudium mundi” (Joy of creation), a Marian hymn by St. Peter Damian
  32. God fills His saints with grace, for St. Elizabeth Seton, commissioned by a parish
  33. “God Our Father, Ever Dwelling” (PDF), chosen as the official hymn for the Eucharistic Revival in the Archdiocese of Detroit. A recording of the first performance at Mass is on-line also.
  34. Haec est dies” (This is the day) (for St. Teresa of Avila)
  35. “He who walked upon the water”, with music by Colin Brumby, or set to the tune BLAENWERN
  36. Hymn for the Innocents” (At the dawning of creation)
  37. Hymn in honor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (“God fills his saints with grace”), commissioned by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Lake Ridge, Virginia
  38. Hymn to St. Joseph, commissioned by Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis
  39. I lift my eyes to you, O Lord
  40. Iesu, corona celsior” (O Jesus Christ, most lofty Crown) (for one confessor)
  41. In caelesti collegio” (St Francis shines)
  42. Inclitus rector” (Come, let us raise our songs) (Common of Pastors)
  43. Iste confessor” (Holy confessor) (Common of Pastors)
  44. “Jesus, let me come to you”, with music by Colin Brumby
  45. Jesus, walking to His city” (Transfiguration)
  46. Let Easter alleluias fill this place“, set to ENGELBERG
  47. Let everyone give praise to God
  48. Let the earth acclaim Christ Jesus“, winner of the USCCB hymn competition for the Eucharistic Revival.
  49. Let us join in the feast” (for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross]
  50. Martyr Dei” (God’s martyr), an office hymn from the ninth century
  51. O Holy Joseph“, with melody by Jeffrey Wisniewski, sung by Fr. Kevin Vogel; this hymn was commissioned by Kenrick-Glennon Seminary. See the recordings page for an audio sample.
  52. ‘O Center Of Our Life And Love’, commissioned by the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama for the Eucharistic Revival. PDFs: English version, bilingual English/Spanish version. See the recordings page for an audio sample.
  53. A new (2023) translation of “O Come, Divine Messiah“.
  54. “O taste and you will see”, for the 19th Sunday, Year B, with music by Colin Brumby
  55. Orbis patrator optime” (O best Perfector of all things), an office hymn by St. Robert Bellarmine
  56. Petrus beatus catenarum laqueos” (Blessed Peter, at Christ’s order), for the feast of the Chair of Peter
  57. Planted like seeds” (the Resurrection of the body]
  58. Primo dierum omnium” (The first of all the days), an office hymn for Saturday evening
  59. Regis superni” (Your father’s home abandoning) (For St. Teresa of Avila)
  60. Seas and Rivers, Bless the Lord
  61. Son of God and thy Son“, a hymn for the Annunciation
  62. Saint Peter lives
  63. Stabat Mater” (On the cross Her Son was dying)
  64. Staff of a shepherd” (for Pope St. John Paul II)
  65. The day shall never yield to night
  66. The eyes of all hope in the Lord“, with music by Colin Brumby
  67. The martyr Stephen” (St. Stephen the Protomartyr, Conversion of St. Paul)
  68. The morning star is on the rise” (Hymn to St. Anne)
  69. The Son of Man“: see the recordings page for an audio sample.
  70. This is the feast day“, for St. Teresa of Avila
  71. “Today is the accepted time” (here is an excerpt at Hymnary]
  72. Ut cum profunda clauserit” (And when the darkness is profound), an excerpt from St. Ambrose’s hymn “Deus creator”
  73. Verbum supernum prodiens” (The Word come forth), one of St. Thomas’ hymns for Corpus Christi
  74. Who is rising in the east?
  75. Within the quiet of a home” (Holy Family)
  76. Breathe on me“, a poem for Respect Life Sunday

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